• Fibrlok™ II Universal Optical Fiber Splice 2529 Easy Cleaver Splicing Tool

    Part Number: 80611494396 The Fibrlok™ II Universal Optical Fiber Splice 2529 is designed to easily splice any combination of 250 or 900 µm coated fibers with inexpensive tooling and no […]

  • NPC+ Fiber Termination Kit including CI-01 high precision flat cleaver

    Part Number: TKT-NPCP-CI01 The NPC+ (No Polish Connector) eliminates field polishing, loose parts, and termination tools. The innovative buffer clamp design eliminates rework by delivering superior twist and transmission with […]

  • UniCam® Connector Standard-Performance Installation Toolkit

    The standard UniCam® connector installation tool kit (TKTUNICAM) is a basic installation tool kit used to terminate all UniCam connector styles (SC, LC and ST compatible connectors). UniCam high-performance multimode […]

  • Fiber Optic Inspection and Cleaning Kit: K01-1140C

    Overview The K01-1140C Fiber Optic Inspection and Cleaning Kit is optimal for quick troubleshooting, inspection and cleaning of fiber optic connectors for oil & gas, military and commercial end users. […]

  • Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit: CTF-1400-CK-1

    Overview The CTF-1400-CK-1 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit is considered our “Soft Case” Cleaning Kit.  It can be used on its own to clean TFOCA GenX and commercial connectors, while also […]

  • Ruggedized ST Adapter

    Overview Designed for reliable performance in severe conditions, Stran Technologies’s Ruggedized ST Adapter are most suitable for use in applications where high reliability is critical, but total compliance with MIL-C-83522 […]

  • Termination Repair Kit: ST, FC, LC, SC + TFOCA GenX

    Overview Stran Technologies offers a line of customized connector repair and termination kits to support all of our products. Stran is committed to providing customers with the ability to maximize […]

  • Flexible Splice Enclosure for Fiber Optic Cable

    Overview The Stran Technologies flexible splice enclosure is an easy and effective solution for protecting fiber optic splices in field deployable applications. Its dimensions allow as many as 8 splices, […]

  • Field Master Motorized Polisher

    Overview Stran Technologies’s FM1000 series fiber connector polishers are unique field or lab polishing machines. The Field Master is equipped with a high-torque DC motor that can operate between 6-12 […]

  • M28876 Terminus Insert and Extraction Tools

    Overview Stran Technologies has developed the following hand tools in support of the M29504/14 & M29504/15 termini, the M28876 connector family and the TACLight connector family. These tools are machined […]

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