Field Master Motorized Polisher


Stran Technologies’s FM1000 series fiber connector polishers are unique field or lab polishing machines. The Field Master is equipped with a high-torque DC motor that can operate between 6-12 V DC.

The Field Master allows adjustable force through a micrometer to ensure consistent dome finish for a wide variety of connector types and the number of connectors in the fixture. The user can polish 1-2 connectors/ferrules in one polish run. The improvement in polish quality and end-face geometry with a polisher, particularly important for single-mode fiber connectorization, is a significant step forward for technicians and installers who are used to polishing connectors by hand using a polishing puck.

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Features / Options

  • Polish up to two connectors or ferrules simultaneously
  • Quick release for convenient removal of polishing fixture
  • Micrometer force adjustment for perfect pressure on 1 or 2 ferrules and different ferrule sizes
  • Low center of gravity for stability
  • Small footprint for transportability
  • Quick-change mechanism allows rapid removal of polishing fixture
  • Universal fixture fits all connectors/ferrules with the same ferrule diameter (PP250 fixture standard for FC, ST, SC and TFOCA GenX)
  • Reference plate for precise ferrule protrusion (longer polishing film life, faster run cycle and higher yield)
  • Flexure mechanism lock/unlock ferrule/connectors in place firmly and quickly


Title Description
FM1000 Polisher with 6-12VDC Motor includes: Fixture for 2.5mm ferrule, Polishing rubber pad, and Polishing glass pad
RP1000 Polishing Rubber Pad (80 Durometer)
GP1000 Polishing Glass Disk
PP250 Fixture for 2.5mm ferrule or FC, ST, SC or TFOCA GenX
PP250FA Fixture for 2.5mm angled ferrule for FC/APC
PP250SA Fixture for 2.5mm angled ferrule for SC/APC
PP125 Fixture for 1.25mm ferrule or LC
PP125A Fixture for 1.25mm ferrule for LC/APC
PP318 Fixture for 3.18mm ferrule or SMA905
PPMTRJ Fixture for MTRJ
PP200 Fixture for 2.00mm ferrules or TacLight, M29504/14 & /15
PP180 Fixture for 1.80mm ferrules
PP160 Fixture for 1.60mm ferrules or M29504/4 & /5
Polishing film available by request


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