STRAN Technologies intricately understands the mission needs of its products, especially for the Oil & Gas industry, which requires rugged equipment designed for quick deployment and takedown. We’ve designed and built our data transfer connectors and assemblies to be durable, easy to connect/disconnect, and easily cleaned in the field. Our product, built for the most demanding applications, is crush-resistant and can be handled with a pair of work gloves. As a premier manufacturer of mission-critical components for navy, military, aerospace and mining interconnect platforms, STRAN is ideally suited to support the demanding data and video communication projects for the oil and gas industry, which operates in some of the most unforgiving climates.

 Strantech – Oil & Gas Capabilities Overview

Product Families

  • AC Top Drive Inter-connectivity
  • Rig Mgt Inter-connectivity
  • SCR’s
  • BOP’s Mobile Offshore Drill Units
  • FPSO’s and Land Rig Instrumentation and Control
  • MWD, MWL, DTS interconnectivity
  • Land Seismic Exploration -55C to +85C
  • Marine Seismic Streamer Sensors Connectors (Hybrid)
  • Industrial Ethernet Copper or Fiber Assemblies
  • Marine deck assemblies for MODU’s,TLP’s, Drillships
  • FPSO Linkages – LNG Tankers and LNG Terminals
  • Singlemode Offshore to Multimode Platform Fiber Conversion
  • Connectors for Armored/Braided ABS/DNV Cables
  • Oil Refinery & Chemical Plant Interconnectivity
  • Pipeline FOIDS (Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection Systems)
  • Fiber Optic encoding connectivity
  • Subsea Fiber Optic Offshore Platform Protection Solutions
  • Emergency Restoration Solutions for the field


Primary products:

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