Above all, mining requires safety, and a mining operation’s communications links (voice, data and video) play a vital role in achieving that safety. Corning has built its reputation on delivering mission-critical communication-linking products that keep workers safe in some of the world’s most unforgiving climates. Our MSHA-approved products are designed for use in harsh environments, and we tailor our products for the unique confines of each job. In the mining industry, that means we’ve created hybrid assembly for streamlined cabling infrastructure, as well as bronze connectors to eliminate risk of thermite reaction when deployed in underground mining operations.

Product Families

  • AC Drive Monitoring Fiber Assemblies
  • Belt line monitoring Fiber Optic assemblies
  • CO Methane Fiber Monitoring Assemblies
  • Data Communication assemblies
  • Drag Chain Fiber Assemblies
  • Emergency Fiber Restoration Solutions
  • HMI inter-connectivity
  • Industrial Ethernet Assemblies (Fiber or Copper)
  • Long Haul tunnel boring connectivity
  • Longwall Miner Fiber Assemblies
  • Miner Tracker Fiber Assemblies
  • Surface Haulage fiber inter-connectivity
  • Trailer/Dredger fiber optic assemblies—Land or Submerged
  • Video/Security Single Mode/Multimode Assemblies
  • Voice over IP Fiber inter-connectivity


Primary products:

  • Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit CTF-1400-CK-1