• Fiber Optic Termination Kit: HK01-5001

    Overview The HK01-5001 Fiber Optic Termination Kit provides the tools and capabilities for full termination of TFOCA GenX, ST and SC connectors. Used by customers who need the ability to […]

  • Fast Connect Fiber Optic Termination Kit: CTF-1400-ST-8

    Overview The CTF-1400-ST-8 Fast Connect Fiber Optic Termination Kit is for quick restoration of a fiber optic cable by personnel with minimal training, and without access to power or a […]

  • Termination Repair Kit: ST, FC, LC, SC + TFOCA GenX

    Overview STRAN Technologies offers a line of customized connector repair and termination kits to support all of our products. Stran is committed to providing customers with the ability to maximize […]

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