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We’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for those who are looking for answers. If your question is still unanswered after reviewing the FAQs, please contact us.

Stran Technologies’ commitment to customer service is a testament to our long-term relationships. Our company size allows us to provide dedicated support from single product to high volume production orders.

There are multiple ways to request a quote or place an order at Stran Technologies. Call Us at 203-720-6500, email us at [email protected], or fill out our Contact Us form.

Please contact our customer service team at [email protected] or call 203-720-6500. We are more than happy to assist you.

At Stran Technologies, we understand that a dynamic system is only as good as the support provided. That’s why we pride ourselves in providing responsive troubleshooting and technical support. Our engineering support staff is on call during regular business hours and we maintain extensive repair, refurbishing and reverse engineering capabilities. In addition, our representatives can work with you to find the best connector, fiber type and termini for each application. We stand by our products and will do everything possible to support your continued success. Please Contact Us with your technical support questions.

Yes. All products go through rigorous testing to ensure complete and safe operation for our customers’ most demanding applications. More information on quality guidelines and certifications can be found on our Quality Certifications page.

The General Terms & Conditions related to product sales can be emailed to you upon request. Please Contact Us for further assistance.

The General Terms and Conditions related to Stran Technologies IT Services LLC division can be found on our IT Services Overview page.

Most major shipping options are supported. UPS and FedEx are standard, but if your company has a preferred shipping account we will be glad to ship using the requested method. Stran Technologies also supports LTL and freight for larger shipments.

Many parts we build are custom designed for specific applications and customers. If your drawing is not available on our website, please Contact Us and we can email you a drawing immediately.

At Stran Technologies, we provide custom engineering that is both innovative and reliable. We’ve manufactured and patented new connector designs and custom adapters, and can provide application-specific cable assembly recommendations. We listen closely to our customer’s application requirements, and work hard to find an efficient solution. Each new product is tested and certified before being deployed in the field. Our talented and highly experienced engineers can seamlessly collaborate with your engineering and program management team to design and manufacture optimum product solutions for whatever the job requires.

STRAN Technologies’ commitment to customer service doesn’t stop with the products we provide.  We are committed to your project with dynamic training options that help you fully utilize the technology behind our products.

  • TFOCA GenX Training Curriculum
  • Stran Technologies is pleased to offer a four (4) day Hands-On Certification Training Class for production fiber optic termination, assembly, and maintenance of Stran’s 4 and 12 channel TFOCA GenX connector family.  This four-day course is based on manufacturer-certified procedures for repeatable and reliable termination of the GenX plug and receptacle connectors.  Upon completion of the course, students will have the necessary competencies to troubleshoot, assemble, test, repair and maintain the GenX connectors to factory-level performance.  A certificate is awarded upon completion, formally recognizing attainment of Stran Level I Fiber Optic Technician status.
  • Fiber Optics 101 Training Curriculum
  • Stran Technologies is pleased to offer a one (1) day Hands-On Training Class for understanding the basics of fiber optic cable and connector technology, proper handling technique and troubleshooting. This full-day course is based on the fiber optic technology offerings at Stran and their use at your company. Upon completion of this course, students will have the necessary competencies to troubleshoot, handle, test and maintain proper functionality for a diverse range of ruggedized fiber optic products.
  • Custom Training Support
  • Stran Technologies is able to design a custom training curriculum around your specific program needs. Options can include the basics of fiber optic technology, proper handling, terminations, cleaning, measurements and testing. Tell us your needs and we will tailor a training to meet those needs.
  • Stran Technologies Training Professionals
  • Our engineering training staff is prepared to assist our customers implement fiber optic manufacturing process controls, writing standard assembly procedures and operating instructions of Stran’s fiber optic connector families, as well as all major fiber optic connector manufacturers. Our experience also includes training customers in field termination processes, assisting customers in troubleshooting communication and critical operation systems, and experience in OTDR testing and fiber optic fusion splicing.

Stran Technologies maintains customized manufacturing facilities that stand ready to build what’s needed for any project. With built-to-print and collaborative engineering design options, we can fulfill your manufacturing needs from low to high volume production capability and custom kitting solutions that are tailored for both Defense and Commercial customers. Stran Technologies has experience in manufacturing junction boxes, power distribution panels, control cabinets and cable assembly kits. In addition, we maintain extensive warehousing and distribution to provide a complete manufacturing solution for our customers.

Field support is vital for the success of mission-critical harsh environment applications. Stran Technologies is able to provide global on-the-ground installation support and in some cases first prototype installation and service. It’s all part of our unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction and success.

Yes. Our fiber optic cleaning guides offer comprehensive best practices and step-by- step processes for maintaining the cleanliness of Stran Technologies fiber optic connectors and adapters.

The detailed guides include close-up photos, standard operation instruction, and safety procedures to clean connectors ranging from Simplex to multi-channel TFOCA connector assemblies. Attenuation and complete signal loss may be caused when fiber contacts are exposed to dirt, dust, oil, and moisture. With fiber optic cores ranging in size from 9 micron in Singlemode to 50 micron in Multimode, even the smallest piece of dust could be the difference in your network’s overall performance.

How can you tell if a fiber contact is clean?  The best way is to inspect with a probe microscope, and use the appropriate cleaning kit for your type of fiber optic connector assembly.


When it comes to the design of fiber optic connectors for harsh environments, two schools of thought dominate the market: Butt-Coupled or Expanded Beam Designs. Each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages and the choice of the ‘best’ connector can be blurred by the specifics of the application environment and unique requirements of the systems design. In this white paper, we explain the difference between these two technologies and present the basis of a systems engineering design guide to assist in the specification of reliable and cost effective fiber optic connectors for harsh environment applications including: Tactical, Shipboard, Aerospace, Geophysical, Railway, Video Broadcast and Power Generation. Key topics of this design guide include: Insertion and Return Loss, Mating Durability, and sensitivity to Thermal and Mechanical extremes.
Expanded Beam vs. Butt-Coupled Termini – White Paper

Since 1997, MIL-PRF- 29504/14 & /15 has provided dimensional and environmental requirements of what constitutes a fiber optic terminus appropriate for US Navy shipboard use, leading some to the conclusion that all qualified product is as good as another. However, as a performance-based specification, subtle differences of design and product realization, as well as latitude in the interpretation and reduction to practice of both MIL-STD- 790 and the Navy’s MIL-STD- 2042 specifications, leads to different optical and reliability performance of what appear equivalent competitive offerings on the Qualified Material List (QML-29504- QPD). In this white paper, we explain these subtle differences of design and product realization and the corresponding impact to cable assembly yield, optical performance and reliability in the Navy shipboard harsh environment.

Shipboard M29504 Optical Termini – White Paper

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