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Stran Technologies IT Services LLC specializes in the comprehensive integration of voice, data, and wireless networks. Catering to the unique needs of large technology enterprises, communications companies, government and defense agencies. We provide expert guidance in designing, building, operating, supporting, and maintaining cutting-edge technology solutions that empower your organization and safeguard critical assets.

Inside Plant Cabling (ISP) Services at Stran Technologies IT Services LLC

Inside Plant Cabling (ISP)

Our ISP solutions provide a seamless, structured cabling infrastructure for optimal performance, reliability, and scalability. Our team of experts guide you in selecting cable types, routing paths, and connectivity equipment tailored to your organization's needs.

Outside Plant Cabling (OSP) Services at Stran Technologies IT Services LLC

Outside Plant Cabling (OSP)

We specialize in OSP services, delivering efficient, scalable fiber optic infrastructure to connect your organization's network across locations. Our solutions include aerial and underground installations, comprehensive planning, and advanced testing for maximum performance

Wireless Services at Stran Technologies IT Services LLC


Our wireless solutions offer secure, high-speed connectivity for organizations of all sizes. Our experts design customized wireless infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with existing systems and offers scalability for future growth, maximizing productivity and communication capabilities

Telecom Support Services at Stran Technologies IT Services LLC


We provide comprehensive telecom solutions, including voice, data, and video services, ensuring seamless communication across your organization. Our skilled professionals deliver customized solutions such as VoIP, unified communications, and collaboration platforms tailored to your needs.

Data Center Services at Stran Technologies IT Services LLC

Data Center

Our data center services deliver secure, efficient infrastructure for mission- critical applications and data storage. We provide comprehensive services addressing power, cooling, and security, while ensuring industry standards and minimizing downtime.

Network Infrastructure and Engineering Services at Stran Technologies IT Services LLC

Network Infrastructure & Engineering Services

Our end-to-end network infrastructure and engineering services ensure peak efficiency. Our experienced engineers utilize the latest technologies and best practices to deliver robust, secure, and scalable network solutions that empower your organization.

Workforce Solutions at Stran Technologies IT Services LLC

Workforce Solutions

Our workforce solutions team provides access to top-tier IT talent, setting up your organization with the expertise needed to tackle complex technological challenges. We offer recruiting capabilities, hiring optimization, cost efficiencies, flexible scheduling, military veteran support, to enable successful outcomes and achieve our mission of connecting people to the right opportunities.

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To learn more about the specialized offerings at Stran Technologies IT Services, LLC, download the Stran Technologies IT Services Overview (PDF).

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