Ruggedized ST Adapter


Designed for reliable performance in severe conditions, Stran Technologies’s Ruggedized ST Adapter are most suitable for use in applications where high reliability is critical, but total compliance with MIL-C-83522 standards is not required. Available in panel thicknesses from 0.06” to 0.13”, the adapters have been salt spray tested according to EIA-455-16 standards. Compliant with TIA/EIA 604 specifications, these adapters are compatible with ST and STII style connectors. Nuts, lock-washers, and dust caps are included with the adapter and customers can choose from Zirconia or Phosphor Bronze sleeve options.

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  • Cabinet Mounted Communication Systems
  • Homeland Security and Surveillance
  • Naval Shipboard Applications
  • Deployable Military Tactical Networks
  • Oil and Gas Surface Applications
  • Harsh Industrial Installations
  • Emergency Restoration Systems

Features / Options

ST Adapter, Ruggedized Commercial

  • SM/MM
  • Zirconia Sleeve
  • Part Number: 2523-11

ST Adapter, Ruggedized Commercial

  • MM
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Part Number: 2523-12


Title Description
Panel Thickness .06” min., .13” max.
Withdrawal Force 200-600 grams for Zirconia
Durability 500 cycles, per EIA-455-21,Δ≤ .5dB during and after test
Salt Spray per EIA-455-16, 5% salt sol’n/96 hr
Temp/Humidity per EIA-455-5, -10/65°C, 10 cycles, Δ≤ .5dB during and after test
Temp Cycling per EIA-455-3, -46/85°C, 5 cycles, Δ≤ .5dB during and after test
Temp Life per EIA-455-4, 100°C 240 hrs, Δ≤ .5 dB after test
Features TIA/EIA 604 compliant|Compatible with ST and STII style connectors|Nut, lockwasher and dust cap included
Materials Body: Nickel-plated brass Jam Nut: Nickel-plated brass Lockwasher: Nickel-plated brass Sleeve: Zirconia or Phosphor Bronze


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