M28876 Terminus Insert and Extraction Tools


Stran Technologies has developed the following hand tools in support of the M29504/14 & M29504/15 termini, the M28876 connector family and the TACLight connector family.

These tools are machined from aircraft grade aluminum and 400 series medical grade heat-treated stainless steel, and meet NAVSEA drawings 6872813-2, 6872813-4 and 6872813-6. They have been designed to protect the termini end faces and prevent damage to the termini crown clip during extraction due to over travel. Additionally, they prevent grabbing or breaking of the ceramic sleeve instead of the alignment sleeve housing during alignment sleeve extraction. All tools can be used on single-mode or multimode termini, COTS or MIL termini versions, and are designed for fiber optic installations in accordance with MIL-STD-2042.




Stran Part Number Description
420-0028 Alignment Sleeve Extraction Tool
420-0029 Termini Extraction Tool
420-0030 Termini Installation Tool
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