Flexible Splice Enclosure for Fiber Optic Cable


The Stran Technologies flexible splice enclosure is an easy and effective solution for protecting fiber optic splices in field deployable applications. Its dimensions allow as many as 8 splices, and the design and construction restore a cable’s full tensile strength while allowing it to be flexible enough to coil around a field deployable reel. The stainless steel construction provides complete protection to splices from vibration, shock, and other harsh environmental conditions that might affect performance and functionality.

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  • Deployable Military Tactical Systems
  • Emergency Restoration Systems
  • Video/Data Transmission
  • Homeland Security and Surveillance

Features / Options

  • Accommodates 1-8 spliced fibers
  • Uses standard 40mm long splice
  • 11” overall splice enclosure length
  • 1.0” maximum splice enclosure diameter
  • Minimum bend radius of 2-3/8”; 55 lbs to maintain this radius
  • Pull force exceeding 400 lbs
  • Supports both singlemode and multimode fiber types
  • Mechanical shock: 8 foot drop on concrete - 8 times
  • Corrosion resistance of 500 hours in salt spray
  • Operating temperature range: -54°C to +85°C
  • Water tight in 30 feet of water or 15 psi for 24 hours
  • Uses a Mil approved fiber optic cable retention mechanism


Title Description
Optical Loss Singlemode 9/125: 0.01 dBMultimode 50, 62.5/125: 0.02 dB
Splice Standard 40mm splice
Length Overall splice enclosure length: 11”
Diameter Maximum splice enclosure diameter: 1”
Crush Maximum crush pressure: 600 lbs / linear inch
Bend Radius  Maximum bend radius: 2-3/8”, 55 lbs to maintain this radius
 Pull Force  >400 lbs
Fluid Immersion  30 feet of water / 15 psi for 24 hours
Mechanical Shock  8 foot drop on concrete – 8 times
Temperature  Operating temperature: -54°C to +85°C
Corrosion Corrosion resistance: 500 hours salt spray



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