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The Workforce Solutions (WFS) group at STRAN Technologies helps organizations, large and small, fill key positions in their workforce to enable strategic business growth, efficiency gains, and the reduction of cost and complexity of managing people operations. The experience and broad talent pool we have access to is leveraged to achieve our core mission – 

Connecting people to the right opportunities.



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We leverage many years of experience, and a suite of industry-leading tools to enable search efficiency and responsiveness for all job applicants. From professional and technical IT & engineering specialists, to industrial and administrative positions, WFS thoroughly reviews, assesses talent, and screens each qualified job candidate to ensure mutual success for both the individual and employer. In addition, we strategically help transition military personnel and veterans into the public and private sector.


Filling key roles should not take longer than expected. Whether a direct placement, full time contract, or project based roles, Workforce Solutions manages a smooth and automated onboarding process for an impactful day one with your new exciting job opportunity.

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Achieve continued innovation and business results while maintaining your organization’s dynamic culture and community. All of this is made possible by collaborating with the Workforce Solutions group as your trusted outsourced hiring partner. Our employment services help to mitigate risk and allow you to adhere to your budget, strengthening your true competitive edge in your industry.

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