TFOCA GenX Fiber Optic Termini MIL-PRF-29504/16


Stran Technologies’s military and commercial grade TFOCA GenXTM series optical termini are designed to meet MIL-PRF-29504/16 and MIL-PRF-83526 specifications.  The GenX Termini are found in the rugged TFOCA GenX series connectors and cable assemblies manufactured by Stran Technologies. Built around a 2.5mm Zirconia ferrule, Stran Technologies’s GenX optical termini offer singlemode or multimode performance.

The GenX termini part numbers 800-0099-C (for Commercial) and 800-0099-M (for Military) termini are supplied with Viton (Commercial) or EPDM (Military) ‘O’-rings for environmental sealing of the connector insert cavity.

To support the TFOCA GenX termini, Stran Technologies offers a full line of installation and extraction tools as well as a field kit for termination and polishing.

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  • Deployable Harsh Environment Systems
  • Emergency Restoration Systems
  • Video / Data Transmission Links
  • Radar and Missile Defense Systems

Features / Options

 Termini Mechanical Specifications

  • Connectors incorporating these termini typically meet high impact shock and vibration requirements while maintaining the optical path for error free data transfers.
  • Other ferrule materials can be made available
  • Short travel with extremely high loads.
  • The zirconia ferrules are held to extreme tolerances (1um TIR).


Title Description
Operating Temperature Range: -46°C to +71°C
Storage Temperature Range: -55°C to +85°C
Vibration: EIA/TIA-455-11
Shock: EIA/TIA-455-14, Condition A
Mating Durability:  2,000 cycles per EIA/TIA-455-21
Insertion Loss: 0.75 Max
Return Loss: -40 dB Max
Weight: 2.5g Max (including Crimp Sleeve)
Terminus Mating Force: ~3.5 lbs


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