TFOCA GenX Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies


Stran Technologies is an original manufacturer of the TFOCA GenX Cable Assemblies.  Our assemblies are designed and tested per the rigorous quality standards of all products we sell.  Due to significant cable assembly combinations, we are able to list only a few of our popular TFOCA GenX cable assembly product offerings.  Please contact us for supporting your custom tactical fiber optic cable assembly design requirements.

*TFOCA GenX connector assemblies at Stran Technologies are fully compatible with TFOCA-II® connectors.

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Features / Options


  • TFOCA GenX Plug/Plug
  • TFOCA GenX Jam Nut Receptacle to ST
  • TFOCA GenX Flange Mount Receptacle to ST
  • TFOCA GenX Plug/ Flange Mount SN Receptacle
  • TFOCA GenX Plug/ Jam Nut Receptacle
  • TFOCA GenX 12 Channel Plug/Plug
  • TFOCA GenX 12 Channel Flange Mount Receptacle to ST

Channel Count (number of fibers):

  • 4, 8 and 12 Channel Connectors

Plating Options:

  • Green Zinc Nickel
  • Black Anodize
  • Stainless 316L
  • Stainless 303

Strain Relief Options:

  • Nylon Flex/ Dome
  • Ni plated brass Flex/ Dome
  • Stainless Kellems
  • Rubber Boot
  • Rubber Boot/ Nylon Dome
  • None

Cable and Fiber Type:

  • Tactical
  • Armored
  • Breakout
  • Distribution
  • Hybrid
  • Special
  • 62.5/125 Multimode Fiber (MM-62.5μm)
  • 50/125  Multimode Fiber (MM-50μm)
  • 9/125 Singlemode Fiber (SM-9μm)
  • Length:  24” to 1 Mile (0.6m to 1.6km)

Special Instructions:

  • Spool onto: Reel, Backpack, Loose Coil
  • Pinout: Straight, Crossover, Special


Title Description
Optical Insertion Loss 9/125: 0.75 dBmax, 0.35 dBtyp62.5/25: 0.75 dBmax, 0.14 dBtyp
Return Loss >30 dB MMF, >40 dB SMF with PC polish
Voltage Rating 600 Volts
Contact Rating (Amps) Compliance to MIL-STD-1560 for 16 AWG contacts
Mating Durability 2000 cycles per EIA-455-21
Vibration 10 g’s per EIA-455-11
Physical Shock per EIA-455-14, test condition A
Thermal Shock -62°C to +85°C per EIA-455-71, cond. B
Temperature Life  250 hours at 85°C per EIA-455-4
 Corrosion Resistance  EIA-455-16, test condition C
 Humidity  10 cycles per EIA-455-5
 Fluid Immersion  1 meter, per EIA-455-12
Crush Resistance 450 lbs, per EIA-455-26
Cable Retention 400 lbs, per EIA-455-6
Cable Seal Flexing Per EIA-455-1
Impact EIA-455-2
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