1000 Series Tactical Cable Reel Assemblies


The Stran Technologies Shane™ 1000 Series Tactical Cable Reel Assembly solutions are relied upon for their heavy duty construction in the most demanding environments.  Fiber optic cable assemblies require the highest level of protection available to prevent damage during storage, transit, and deployment.

The RFO-1000 cable spool include features for secure cable management, connector storage, and superior cable protection.  The ideal cable reel solution for TFOCA GenX (TFOCA-II®) Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies, Expanded Beam, TACLight, 38999, MIL-ST, and additional cable assembly options.  Paint finishes available are CARC Green, CARC Desert Tan, and Black Powder Coat.

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Description Part Number
4 Channel TFOCA GenX Multimode Plug-Plug, 600m TF2-06-01-600
4 Channel TFOCA GenX Multimode Plug-Plug, 800m TF2-06-01-800
4 Channel TFOCA GenX Multimode Plug-Plug, 1000m TF2-06-01-1000
12 Channel TFOCA GenX Multimode Plug-Plug, 2000ft TF2-04-04-610
2 Channel TFOCA 1 Multimode Plug-Plug, 1000m TF1-06-01-1000

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