Private: InfiniBeam Optical Test Kit


Stran Technologies developed the InfiniBeam Optical Test Kit, which includes a kit for specific verification of MIL-DTL-83526 Expanded Beam Optical Connector Assemblies. The Device provides an easy way to verify the optical quality of the cable assemblies, both in the lab as well as in the field. To ease the operation and to minimize external components during the test procedure of expanded beam cable assemblies, the Test Set is provided as an ‘all-in-one’ instrument, thus providing a built-in light-source as well as a Power Meter in the same enclosure. Long Battery Life makes this instrument ideal for mobile use. There is an RFID Reader/Writer incorporated with this instrument. This is to identify, verify and manage RFID Enabled Cable Assemblies with integrity. The Multi Mode version of this instrument launches at both 850/1310nm whereas the single-mode version operates at 1310/1550nm.

Optical Loss can be measured as an absolute as well as a relative value. The Relative Value read will be zeroed against the supplied and known HQ Reference Cable. A PC application is available to collect all readings from this instrument for electronic record keeping. The test kit is typically supplied in a rugged carry case with all components required to carry out test procedures. The range of STRAN products contains hand held, laboratory and production test equipment.

Features / Options

  • All MIL-DTL-83526 Interfaces
  • Built-in light-source
  • Multiple Detectors
  • Fast laser stabilization time
  • Automated test with RFID
  • Long Battery Life
  • USB Power & Data Communication
  • Auto Power-off feature
  • Measures Loss in ABS & REL
  • Test Expanded Beam Cable


Multimode Loss set specifications

Wavelength 850 ±15nm, 1300 ±15nm
Source type LED
Output Level Typically –20dm
Optical Connector InfiniBeam 4ch, compatible to Mil-DTL-83526, other types on request
Spectral FWHM Typ. 30nm (850nm), 50nm (1300nm)
Output Stability ±0.05dB or less over 1 hour at 23°C
Measurement Wavelength  850nm and 1310nm

Singlemode Loss set specifications

Wavelength 1310 ±12nm, 1550 ±12nm
Source type Laser
Output Level Typically –6dm
Optical Connector InfiniBeam 4ch, High Return Loss (HxMA compatible) or low return loss (ProBeam junior compatible) version available, other types on request
Spectral FWHM Typ. 3nm
Output Stability ±0.05dB or less over 1 hour at 23°C
Measurement Wavelength  1310nm and 1550nm

General specifications

Stabilization Time Typically 30 seconds from power up at 23°C
Measurement Range +5dBm to –50dBm
Measurement Accuracy ±5% at –23dBm
Memory  500 location, stores serial number, station ID, UID, optical data time/date
Measurement Resolution 0.01dB
Data output USB to PC via USB converter lead
Batteries 4 x AA Internal rechargeable NiMH cells
Power requirements Charged with USB lead with PC or USB charger
Temperature range 0 – 50°C
Kit contents Test set, Expanded Beam gold reference, USB PC interface cable, AC charger, Wet & dry wipes, ABS case
Dimensions 250 x 140 x 55 mm, case


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