TFOCA 1 Tactical Fiber Optic Connector


The TFOCA 1 tactical fiber optic connector provides reliable performance in harsh environments where high cycle mating is of concern. Its hermaphroditic or genderless design allows for multiple cable assemblies to be concatenated without regard for connector interface compatibility. Fully compatible with legacy products, STRAN Technologies has retooled the TFOCA I with stainless steel alignment sleeves, for improved performance, repeated handling and mating cycles typically required for fiber optic cable deployment and retrieval in a tactical environment. TFOCA I solutions are available in multiple combinations, ranging from plug to plug cable assemblies to panel mounted receptacle breakout assemblies and tactical reel assemblies.

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  • Deployable Military Tactical Systems
  • Outdoor Fiber Optic Networks
  • Emergency Restoration Systems
  • Video and Data Transmission


Features / Options

  • Field maintainable and repairable
  • Offered in Cadmium Plate – Olive Drab
  • Standard hermaphroditic, or genderless, configuration
  • Biconic Termini
  • Qualified to A3102608


Title Description
Optical Insertion Loss
Mating Durability
Thermal Shock
Temperature Life
Corrosion Resistance
Fluid Immersion
Crush Resistance
Maintenance Aging
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