Private: MP-Handheld Cable Reel


The MP-Handheld cable reel manufactured by Shane Industries is ideal for smaller lengths of wire and cable where mobility and ease of cable management is required.  Formerly known as the MP-6707982-0, the MP-Handheld reel comes in both powder coat and CARC paint finishes, providing a robust yet lightweight design which users in both commercial or defense sectors can benefit from.

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MP-Handheld Specifications
Cable Overall Diameter 6 mm
Rated Cable Length 190 m
Flange Diameter 9.0 in
Inner Drum Diameter 2.75 in
Nominal Reel Width 9.0 in
Stand Base Width 13.0 in
Stand Base Depth 11.0 in
Stand Height 12.75 in
Minimum Bend Radius 1.38 in
Approx. Weight 9.16 lbs – 4.15 kg


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