InfiniBeam® Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Connectors


Stran Technologies InfiniBeam® expanded beam fiber optic connectors provide the ultimate in reliable performance in harsh environments where water, mud, dust and fluid exposure are a concern. Utilizing expanded beam technology, the design and packaging of these connectors provide a robust connectivity solution resistant to corrosion, mechanical and thermal shock while inherently providing easy field cleaning.

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  • Oil and Gas Surface Applications
  • Deployable Military Tactical Systems
  • Homeland Security and Surveillance
  • Video/Data Transmission
  • Outside Broadcast
  • Underground and Surface Mining Operations

Features / Options

  • Expanded beam inserts that expand the signal 200x reducing the effect of dust, dirt and other contaminants on the optical path
  • Multiple plating options: Hard Anodize (Clear, Dark Green or Bronze) and Molded Rubber Grip on plug connector
  • 4 & 12 channel options for plug and receptacle
  • Easy field cleaning without tools
  • Hermaphroditic interface
  • Custom deployment reels for plug to plug assemblies
  • Available for all fiber types and sizes


Title Description
Optical Insertion Loss 62.5/125 μm: 1.5 dBmax, 1.0 dBtyp @850nm and 1300nm
Mating Durability 3000 cycles per EIA-455-21
Corrosion Resistance EIA-455-16, salt spray, test condition C
Temperature/Humidity -10° C to +65° C, 10 cycles per EIA-455-5 method B
Physical Shock EIA-455-14 condition C
Temperature Cycle -46°C to +71°C, 5 cycles
Temperature Life 85°C for 250 hours per EIA 455-4
Vibration EIA-455-11 condition III at 10g, condition VI C for 1.5hrs
Cable Retention > 400Lbs per EIA 455-6
Temperature -46°C to +85°C operating-52°C to +85°C storage
Impact EIA-455-2, method C, severe
Crush EIA-455-26, 6.7kN (1,506lbf )
Thermal Shock EIA-455-71, schedule C, 10 cycles, 85°C to -57°C


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