Private: Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Sensors


Stran Technologies offers the highly capable Fiber Bragg Grating (“FBG”) fiber optic strain measurement system technology.  Fiber optic FBG strain sensors are growing widely accepted in long-term health monitoring applications. These include bridges, dams, trains, and other complex structures. Surface strain can be measured on various surfaces such as concrete, rock, steel, composite and other materials.

The software included in the strain sensing hardware system is the ideal operating program for fiber optic sensing technology. Every scan of the laser is referenced internally in the interrogator on an inferometer. This allows for better, continuous calibration and ultimately more accurate data analysis. Instrument data is exported in Lab View format.


  • Continuous long-term health monitoring of bridges, dams, tunnels, ships, aircraft, trains, composite wind turbine blades and other complex structures.
  • Measurements of FBG strain gages, temperature probes, accelerometers, pressure, displacement, and other FBG sensors.
  • Deployed on:
    • Civil structures (bridges, dams, tunnels, mines, buildings)
    • Energy (wind turbines, pipelines, nuclear reactors, solar panel farms)
    • Oil & Gas (well reservoir management, platform structural health, pipeline condition)
    • Aerospace (airframes, composite structures, wind tunnels, dynamic tests)
    • Marine vessels (hull, mast, rudder, deck, cargo containers)
    • Transportation (railways, trains, roadways, specialty vehicles, cranes)
    • Homeland Security (perimeter intrusion, heat detection, security gate monitoring)


Title Description
 Optical Sensing Interrogator
# Channels 4
Scan Frequency 1 KHz
Wavelength Range 1510-1590 nm
Wavelength Stability 2 pm typ, 5 pm max
Wavelength Repeatability  1 pm, 0.05 pm with 1,000 averages
Dynamic Range 25 dB with user-selectable gain
Typical FBG Sensor Capacity Up to 80
Internal Peak Detection Included
Spectral Diagnostic View Included
Fiber Optic Connectors FC/APC
Dimensions 122 mm x 267 mm x 135 mm
Weight 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)
Operating Temperature 0° to 50°C
FBG Strain Sensor
Strain Sensitivity ~ 1.2pm/με
Gage Length 10 mm
Operating Temperature Range -40° to 60°C
Strain Limits ± 5,000 με
Maximum Drift < 50 με
Weight 1.0 g
Cable Length 1m (±10 cm), each end
Cable Type 1 mm Fiberglass Braid
Connectors FC/APC optional
Cable Bend Radius 17 mm
Fastening Method Epoxy
FBG Temperature Sensor
Operating Temperature Range -40 to 120°C
Temperature Sensitivity ~10 pm/°C (±1.7pm/°C)
Cable Temperature Range -40 to 250°C (FC/APC Connectors: -40 to 80°C)
Response Time 4.6 seconds
Standard Calibration 1.0°C Long Term Accuracy
Dimensions (L x W x H) 31.8 x 7.6 x 7.6 mm
Weight (including cable) 4.3 g
Housing Material Alumina
Cable Length 1 m (± 10 cm)
Cable Bend Radius 17 mm
Cable Type 1 mm Fiberglass Blaid
Fastening Method Epoxy
Peak Reflectivity (Rmax) > 70%


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