Training Services

STRAN Technologies’ commitment to customer service doesn’t stop with the products we provide.  We are committed to your project with dynamic training options that help you fully utilize the technology behind Stran’s products.

TFOCA GenX Training Curriculum

Stran Technologies is pleased to offer a four (4) day Hands-On Certification Training Class for production fiber optic termination, assembly, and maintenance of Stran’s 4 and 12 channel TFOCA GenX connector family.  This four-day course is based on manufacturer-certified procedures for repeatable and reliable termination of the GenX plug and receptacle connectors.  Upon completion of the course, students will have the necessary competencies to troubleshoot, assemble, test, repair and maintain the GenX connectors to factory-level performance.  A certificate is awarded upon completion, formally recognizing attainment of Stran Level I Fiber Optic Technician status.

Fiber Optics 101 Training Curriculum

Stran Technologies is pleased to offer a one (1) day Hands-On Training Class for understanding the basics of fiber optic cable and connector technology, proper handling technique and troubleshooting. This full-day course is based on the fiber optic technology offerings at Stran and their use at your company.  Upon completion of this course, students will have the necessary competencies to troubleshoot, handle, test and maintain proper functionality for a diverse range of ruggedized fiber optic products.

Custom Training Support

Stran Technologies is able to design a custom training curriculum around your specific program needs.  Options can include the basics of fiber optic technology, proper handling, terminations, cleaning, measurements and testing.  Tell us your needs and we will tailor a training to meet those needs.

Stran Technologies Training Professionals

Our engineering training staff is prepared to assist our customers implement fiber optic manufacturing process controls, writing standard assembly procedures and operating instructions of Stran’s fiber optic connector families, as well as all major fiber optic connector manufacturers.  Our experience also includes training customers in field termination processes, assisting customers in troubleshooting communication and critical operation systems, and experience in OTDR testing and fiber optic fusion splicing.


Please Contact Us for more information on a customized training course for your team or company!


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