New Fiber Optic Cleaning, Inspection and Termination Kits

August 1, 2015

Fiber Optic Cleaning, Inspection and Termination Kits – Product of the Month Series

Maintaining and operating a complex network of fiber optic interconnects is no easy task. Rely on the STRAN Technologies line of fiber optic cleaning, inspection and termination tool kits for your mission critical, harsh environment fiber optic applications. From manufacturing to field level operations, utilizing the best tools and practices will help add service life to high performing fiber optic communication networks.
The HK01-5001 Fiber Optic Termination Kit provides the tools and capabilities for full termination of TFOCA GenX, ST and SC connectors.  Used by customers who need the ability to perform full terminations in the field.  STRAN field termination kits are designed to support troubleshooting, testing, maintenance and field repair of fiber optic connector and fiber optic cable assembly installations.
HK01-5001 Fiber Optic Termination KitHK01-5001 Fiber Optic Termination Kit Layout - Strantech
The K01-1140C Fiber Optic Inspection and Cleaning Kit is optimal for quick troubleshooting, inspection, and cleaning of fiber optic connectors for oil & gas, military, and commercial end users.  Taking field inspection requirements into close consideration, the video scope in this kit has a probe to easily inspect the fiber end faces without the need to fully disassemble the connector.
Front View K01-1140C StrantechK01-1140C Cleaning and Inspection Kit Top View - StrantechContents K01-1140C Strantech
The CTF-1400-ST-8 Fast Connect Fiber Optic Termination Kit is for quick restoration of a fiber optic cable by personnel with minimal training, and without access to power or a full termination kit. STRAN utilizes the AFL FASTConnect® field-installable connectors and provides the precision cleaver, buffer, stripper and kevlar shears along with necessary cleaning supplies. This termination kit requires no epoxy, no power, and repairs can be performed in less than two minutes per fiber channel.
Fast Connect Termination Kit Front - StrantechFast Connect Termination Kit Top View- StrantechFast Connect Termination Kit Contents - Strantech
The CTF-1400-CK-1 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit is considered our “Soft Case” Cleaning Kit.  It can be used on its own to clean TFOCA GenX and commercial connectors, while also acting as a refill kit for the K01-1140C Fiber Optic Cleaning and Inspection Kit. The soft case cleaning kit is an optimal solution for fiber optic technicians who need basic cleaning supplies and no scope.
Basic Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit - StrantechBasic Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit Top View - StrantechBasic Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit Contents - Strantech

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