Fiber Optic Cleaning Guide and Best Practices

Our Strantech fiber optic cleaning guides offer comprehensive best practices and step-by-step processes for maintaining the cleanliness of Stran fiber connectors and adapters.

The detailed guides include close-up photos, standard operation instruction, and safety procedures to clean connectors ranging from Simplex to multi-channel TFOCA connector assemblies.  Attenuation and complete signal loss may be caused when fiber contacts are exposed to dirt, dust, oil, and moisture.  With fiber optic cores ranging in size from 9 micron in Singlemode to 50 micron in Multimode, even the smallest piece of dust could be the difference in your network's overall performance.

How can you tell if a fiber contact is clean?  The best way is to inspect with a probe microscope, and use the appropriate cleaning kit for your type of fiber optic connector assembly.

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