The Cyber Network Analyzer supports demanding network-centric operations such as simultaneous data capture and analysis. Packaged in a lightweight, one-person carry ruggedized case, the Cyber Network Analyzer is a go-to solution for mobile, commercial, and tactical IT applications. The latest technologies in software and computing hardware allow the unit to run up to seven virtual machines with additional scalability options making the Cyber Network Analyzer a critical all-in-one tool to meet your network and security requirements



  • Capability to Simultaneously Capture and Analyze Network Traffic
  • Capability to Perform Both Short-Term and Long-Term Packet Captures
  • Capture Speed Capability of 1 Gbps Per stream x 4 streams
  • 'Fail-to-Wire' Operation Through the Use of Nonintrusive Network Taps (nTAPs)
  • Fiber and Cat-5 SFP Modules for Network Port Flexibility
  • VM Workstation Supporting Multiple Virtual Machine Operations


Strantech – Cyber Network Analyzer Overview


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