• MIL-ST Connector M83522

    Overview STRAN Technologies’ MIL ST connectors and adapter are designed for harsh environment applications including military shipboard, aerospace, and land based optical data communication systems. The connectors are available in […]

  • TFOCA GenX 90 Degree Fiber Optic Connector

    Overview STRAN’s TFOCA GenX 90° Plug Connector is designed for mounting applications where the installer has limited workspace or the connection needs to be re-routed close to equipment. One major […]

  • TFOCA GenX Hybrid 2×2 Fiber Optic – Copper Connector

    Overview The TFOCA GenX Fiber Optic / Copper connectors provides the ultimate hybrid solution where both fiber optic and copper contacts have been incorporated into one connector. Built on the […]

  • Ruggedized ST Connector

    Overview Stran offers Ruggedized ST connectors for applications where conditions are severe, reliability critical, and full compliance to MIL-C-83552 is not mandatory. All connector body parts are precision-machined nickel-plated brass. […]

  • High Reliability FC Connector

    Overview STRAN Technologies’ High Reliability FC connectors have been designed for applications requiring excellent reliability in high shock, vibration, temperature and vacuum environments. All connector body parts are precision machined […]

  • Commercial 29504 /4 and /5 Fiber Optic Termini

    Overview STRAN Technologies’ commercial grade 410-0003 and 410-0005 series optical terminus is the optical and dimensional equivalent of the MIL-PRF-29504/14 &/15 terminus and is the proven work-horse of STRAN’s commercial […]

  • SC Connector

    Overview Fully compatible with TIA/EIA-604-3A, IEC 61754-4, and JIS C5973 specifications, STRAN Technologies’ Non-Pull Proof SC Connectors are available in both singlemode as well as multimode configurations. STRAN has specifically […]

  • M29504 Fiber Optic Termini – M29504/14 and M29504/15

    Overview STRAN Technologies has qualified its optical termini to the multimode requirements of MIL-PRF-29504/14 and /15 specifications and is proven to maintain or exceed the performance requirements of STRAN’s M28876 […]

  • ST Adapter: MIL-ST and Ruggedized ST

    Overview Designed for reliable performance in severe conditions, Stran Technologies’ Ruggedized ST Adapters are most suitable for use in applications where high reliability is critical, but total compliance with MIL-C-83522 […]

  • TFOCA GenX/InfiniBeam Flexdapter

    Overview A brand new concept for fiber optic connector adapters, STRAN’s Flexdapter (Patent pending) flexible interface adapter is designed to assist in the transition of legacy interconnect solutions to the […]

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